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Hello World Hope Your Listening

I know I title this with song lyrics but you get my point. Hello world I've always wanted to start a blog and I found EP. So this is my official "HELLO!" to it . Well I'm a teenage girl that loves to write but doesnt anymore. So I thought I should pick up the trade again. Well for starters my life isnt the easiest right now. The problems that Im facing right now are things teenagers shouldn't have to think about. I'll tell you about that in another blog. But right now im just gunna type because it feels right. These blog thingies confuse me because I didnt know how to do it. P.s I know this is very random jibber jabber but bear with me please. When I was a kid i used to write stories, poetry, song lyrics you name it I was just a little writer back in my day but I got older and stopped. Getting older sucked for me because I had to see how shitty the world really is. I saw that most people are pretty darn evil and if your not beautiful or a whore you get treated like garbage. That was my take on the world and its not getting better as i age. I dont know how to end this so Im going to say See you later world. :)

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Hello World Hope Your Listening, posted November 18th, 2012

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